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Data Statistics

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Fleet lists

  • U.S.-Flag Privately-Owned Fleet (As of January 15, 2022) | Excel | PDF
  • Consolidated In and Out List (As of January 15, 2022) | PDF
  • U.S.-Flag Integrated and Articulated Tug-Barge Units (ITB/ATB) (2017) | Excel
  • Merchant Fleets of the World Report for 2016 | PDF
  • Top 25 Flags of Registry | PDF
  • 2000 – 2019 U.S.-Flag Privately-Owned Fleet Summary | Excel | PDF
  • List of U.S.-flag Carriers (Maintained by the MARAD Office of Cargo and Commercial Sealift) | PDF
  • Agricultural Preference Trade Fleet List (Maintained by the MARAD Office of Cargo and Commercial Sealift) | PDF
  • U.S. Waterborne Foreign Trade by U.S. Customs Ports 2000-2017 | Excel
  • U.S. Waterborne Foreign Trade by U.S. Customs Ports 1997-1999 | Excel
  • U.S. Waterborne Foreign Trade by U.S. Custom Districts | Excel
  • U.S. Waterborne Foreign Trade by Trading Partners | Excel
  • 2017 US Coastal Tank Vessel Trade Volumes | Excel

Port Activity

  • Container Ship Capacities calling at U.S. Container Ports (2016) | Excel
  • Vessel Calls in U.S. Ports, Selected Terminals and Lightering Areas (2015) | Excel

Maritime Reports

Reports to Congress

Other Reports

Maritime Education

  • 2014 State Maritime Academies/USMMA Graduates | Excel

Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA-90)

  • Coastal Tank Vessel Market Snapshot | PDF
  • Tanker Calls at U.S. Ports | Excel
  • U.S.-Flag Oil Poolution Act of 1990 (OPA-90) Phase-Out | Excel
  • U.S.-Flag Tank Vessels Removed | Excel
  • U.S. Tank Vessel Trades | Excel


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Last updated: Friday, May 13, 2022